Our history

We have come a long way from our inauguration in 1927. Back then, cats were viewed with indifference as animals that could just look after themselves. Thousands of cats were subject to terrible cruelty, neglect, starvation and disease.

The concern of just a few cat lovers heralded an organisation that has since grown into the UK’s largest feline welfare charity.

Our branch – Epsom Ewell & District - started in 1988. At that time the branch had 2 people fostering with indoor Cabins. Today we have a number of dedicated fosterers with 12 outdoor Cabins between them. However, there is never enough room as we always have a long list of cats waiting to come into our care. Our branch now has 9 permanent committee members (all volunteers) who make the branch decisions and over 40 other volunteers who readily & willingly give their time & energy to help the cats in our care. However, we always have room for more! If you would like to join our team of committed cat lovers please contact our Volunteering Coordinator whose phone number can be found on the Contact Us page of this site.

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1927 - 1950

1927 - 1950Founded in London in 1927, Cats Protection has been running for over 80 years now. Find out about our early history here.

1951 - present

1945 - 1975During the post-war years, Cats Protection continued to fight for the rights of cats and extended its feline welfare work to become the successful organisation that it is today.