Neuter your cat

Early neuter

Its Cuter to Neuter!

An easy way to help and support us, is to get your cat neutered and to spread the word on neutering!

Neutering not only prevents unwanted litters but also helps prevent your cat from roaming, fighting and mating which ultimately results in your cats getting lost or contracting FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) This is a virus that lowers the cats immune system and it can spread to cats through fighting and mating behaviours. Neutering also prevents male and female feline cancers as well as stopping unwanted behaviour like spraying and calling.

A growing problem we face at present are multi-cat households, many people are not getting their cats neutered and not keeping them in, or worst still letting them breed amongst themselves.  A female cat can have up to 18 kittens a year, any of these that are female will then start to have their own 18 kittens a year from being just 4 months old! 

We have seen a surge of kittens having their own litters, as cats can become pregnant from the age of 4 months. We are aware that some vets do not currently carry out "early neutering" (from 16 weeks), so we urge you in this case, please do not let your kitten out. At present we have several families with us where the mums have only been 4-5 months and their babies are nearly as big as them.

If you would like advice on when to get your cat neutered or to fnd out if you may be eligible for assistance with neutering costs, please contact our neutering helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or for more information visit Neutering and Spaying – What We Do | Cats Protection