How to deal with allergies

Are you allergic to cats-

This is the first question to ask. If the reaction to being around a cat is immediate, with symptoms including- sneezing, itchy skin, watering eyes, coughing or wheezing- then there is a high chance that you are allergic to cats. However in many situations,symptoms can be more subtle making it more difficult to identify the cause of the reaction. Dust mites are the most common cause of household allergies- it may be that these are the source of the symptoms. Furthermore, some people are allergic to cats, but not all cats.

A trial seperation can help you determine if your cat is the cause of your reaction.


Managing symptoms-

The best person to talk to regarding managing and alleviating allergy symptoms is your doctor. They may suggest if you could benefit from-

  • Antihistamines

  • Hardwood flooring instead of carpets

  • Blinds instead of curtains

  • Avoiding woollen clothing

  • “Cat free” areas of your home

  • Opening windows regularly

  • Moving cat items away from air vents

  • Increasing the amount of cleaning in a room the cat uses frequently

  • Air filters

  • Grooming cats outdoors daily, and wiping them down with a damp cloth

  • Cleaning your cats bed regularly

There are also some products which are designed to remove allergens from your cat’s coat, such as Bio-Life Petal Cleanse. Allergy UK has more information on Petal Cleanse and other similar products which may help to reduce the symptoms you experience.

I have confirmed I am allergic to cats. Should I keep it.-

There is no simple nor correct answer to this question. Before a decision can be made, you should be sure your reaction is caused by your cat. Rehoming a pet cat can be a stressful, and upseting thing to have to do. If the cat was not the source of the problem- your reaction will continue- and your cat will unfortunately no longer be owned by you.

Ultimately the decision is whether the severity of your allergic reaction means that re-homing your cat is the only option. The suggestions listed above can often be enough to make living with a cat sustainable. However some people find that the reaction makes living with the cat unbearable.

Although we can make suggestions to help alleviate the symptoms of a cat allergy, your doctor is the best source of advice for these issues.