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World Spay Day 22/02/22

22 February 2022
World Spay Day  22/02/22
Every year on World Spay Day, Cats Protection join forces with a number of animal charities around the UK to help spread the message to owners to get their cats neutered.

While kittens might sound like fun, recent research has shown that 70% of kitten litters in the UK are unplanned. That’s a lot of kittens needing care, attention and homes – something that can be difficult to prepare for.

As well as avoiding pregnancy, there are a number of health benefits for getting your cat neutered too. Neutering is one of the kindest things you can do for your cat and helps protect them against picking up nasty diseases and some cancers. Neutering also protects female cats against risks associated with pregnancy.

Male cats that have been neutered are less likely to end up injured from fighting or stray from home – and they’re also less likely to spray smelly urine in the house as a way of marking their scent to appeal to potential female mates.

If cost is an issue, Cats Protection may be able to help through our means tested neutering voucher scheme. Currently this gives £35 towards the cost of neutering a male cat and £50 towards the cost of surgery for a female cat. If you live in the PO12, PO13 or PO14 areas and are student, pensioner or in receipt of state benefits, you can obtain a voucher by contacting us on 07825 592921. For all other areas contact 03000 12 12 12 weekdays between 9.30am and 1pm.