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Neutering your cat

What is neutering?

Neutering is an operation to prevent female cats from getting pregnant and male cats from making females pregnant. The operation will be performed by  your vet, with your cat being under general anaesthetic.

You'll likely be able to drop off and pick up your cat on the same day. They'll recover quickly from the operation, and your vet will advise on the best care.

Cats protection recommends that kittens are neutered at four months old or younger, although cats can be neutered at any age.

Neutering vouchers

If your household is on a low income, and you live in a SE London postcode, Cats Protection Blackheath & Deptford provide neutering vouchers which will enable you to neuter your cat for just £5.

To obtain a voucher, please follow these steps:

1. Give us a call on 020 8853 8666.
2. Let us know which vet you'll be using
3. Once you receive your voucher through the post, book your cat in for neutering at your chosen vet.
4. Present your voucher at the vets when your take your cat to be neutered. You will be charged £5 and the voucher will cover the remainder of the neutering cost.

If your take your cat to Medivet New Cross or any of The Neighbourhood Vet branches, we'll MICROCHIP FOR FREE too.

PLEASE NOTE: These vouchers are for residents of SE London postcodes only (except SE9, which is covered by the Cats Protection Eltham & Sidcup branch). If your postcode does not begin with the letters SE and you'd like financial help with the cost of neutering, please contact Cats Protection on 03000 121212.

Why is neutering important?

There are thousands of unwanted cats in the UK already, with many of them finding a place in Cats Protection branches and centres up and down the country.

To ensure all cats have a safe and happy home, one of Cats Protection's key aims is to champion neutering as a way to keep the cat population under control.

Cats are effective breeders and female cats can get pregnant from a very young age so making sure your kitten is neutered or spayed is particularly important.

Of course, as well as preventing unwanted kittens, neutering your cat has plenty of health benenfits too.

Why should I neuter my cat?

Neutering your female cat, also referred to as having them 'spayed', is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If your cat does become pregnant, this comes with extra responsibility and worry of having to care for her through pregnancy, birth and then looking after her kittens. Plus the cost of all the extra food and litter you'll need to provide for a cat and kittens.

What are the other benefits of neutering?

As well as avoiding pregnancy, neutering your cat can be good for their overall health For example:

•  For female cats, the chance of getting some infectious diseases will be reduced and the likelihood of developing tumours, womb infections and other illnesses is also reduced.

•  Neutered male cats are less likely to end up injured from fighting or stray from home. Male cats that are not neutered often appear frustrated if they don't find a female mate and can spray smelly urine in the house as a way of scent-marking - an appeal to potential female mates.