100 Club

The 100 club is a great fundraiser for our branch, and hopefully a bit of fun for all its members. This is how it works:

* We ask you to pay £10 per lucky number

* A minimum of 100 numbers must be sold before the club can operate

* Once a month for twelve months, at our committee meetings, three lucky numbers are picked from the hat and prizes are distributed as follows:

1st Prize - £20

2nd Prize - £12

3rd Prize - £8

* Prize winners are notified and receive their cheque by post

* If we have more than 100 members, an additional Christmas Bonus draw of £20 takes place in December.


After distribution of prizes all residual money goes towards supporting our work rescuing and re-homing our feline friends.

You might like to consider buying a lucky number as a Christmas present. We can supply a Gift Card to put under the Christmas tree, or post on.

To join simply email us (guildfordandgodalmingcatsprotection@hotmail.com), remember to tell us your address, and we'll send you a 100 club form – it’s that simple!  Or you can click the link below to download a form.

Many thanks for your support.