Kitten Fostering

Honey Kitten Shelley and Kittens Hamish Kitten

Thank you for considering kitten fostering for Haslemere Adoption Centre. Here are some important points to consider before committing to fostering our kittens:

  • Fostering kittens can be a time consuming activity. Kittens require regular and frequent feeding, on rare occasions bottle feeding every few hours will be required if the kittens are very young and without their mother.
  • Fosterers should be reasonably local to the Haslemere Adoption Centre and have their own transport as frequent trips will be needed to collect litter, food and other consumables.
  • A totally separate and secure room, or similar, is essential so that the fostered animals can be isolated from all other household pets. Heating and ventilation, as appropriate, is required.
  • Ideally, Fosterers will be at home for the majority of the day and have some previous fostering experience. However, first-time Fosterers are very welcome and every assistance will be given.
  • Volunteer Fosterers must be home checked beforehand to ensure the potential accommodation is OK and to allow a good discussion of fostering requirements and responsibilities.
  • A Cats Protection (CP) Fostering Agreement will need to be read and signed. Nothing too legalistic, it mainly covers support that will be delivered to a Fosterer by CP.

A helpful CP leaflet covering Fostering is available via the Link: CP Fostering Information Leaflet

Kitten fostering can be demanding, but it is also a very rewarding task leading to well developed and socialised kittens. If you are interested in volunteering or wish to ask questions, please contact Haslemere Adoption Centre on 01428-604297 and ask to speak to Suzie (Manager) or Siân (Dep Manager).