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Concerned about worms? Find out more about this common cat illness in our guide

What are worms?

The two groups of internal parasites most commonly found in cats are tapeworms and roundworms, with both living in the gut or intestinal tract.

What are the signs of worms?

Tapeworms are flat, tape-like worms common in the bowel of most mammals, including cats. If your cat has tapeworm, you might be able to see segments in the cat's faeces or in their bedding. They resemble small grains of rice, and may move.

Roundworms are the most common intestinal parasite in cats, and look like a white earthworm. Adult worms live in the cat's intestine and feed on digested food.

Although they are not infectious to other cats when they are first passed, they become infectious after a few days once they turn into larvae.

How can worms be treated?

Your vet can provide effective treatment for worms in cats through various treatments, with some medications aiming to combat both roundworms and tapeworms. From six weeks to six months of age, most healthy kittens will need monthly treatment against roundworms.

Treating your cat for worms is important as they can cause weight loss, vomiting,diarrhoea and irritation around the anus. Worming your cat regularly and keeping them treated against fleas will ensure the risk is minimal.

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