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Going on holiday? Read our guide on what to do with your cat while you're away.

What to do with your cat when you go on holiday

Jetting off somewhere special? If you’re wondering what to do with your cat when you go on holiday, you have a number of options to consider. The choice completely depends on your cat’s personality and your individual circumstances. 

Read our guide for top tips on what to do when you’re away from home and with some careful planning, you’ll be enjoying a hassle-free getaway in no time.

Travelling with your cat

Most cats would prefer not to travel at all - so bear this in mind. They often find journeys stressful, even if they don't neccesarily show it.

If travelling with your cat is unavoidable, you'll need to make sure that the environment at the destination is appropriate and has the right veterinary care as well as available space.

In most cases, your cat will travel in a cat carrier. If you're travelling by aeroplane, you'll need to plan whether your cat will be travelling in the hold or the cabin .

Speak to your vet for more advice on travelling with your cat, or take a look at our guide for more information

Foreign travel and cats

Book a cat sitter

Keeping your cat at home is the safest and least unsettling option when you go on holiday. They are less likely to be stressed and be more content in their own environment. 

Consider getting a cat sitter – either a friend, neighbour or family member who can visit at least twice a day and make sure your cat is well-fed and safe. Before you leave, make sure you leave the following:

  • Emergency contact details
  • Details of your vet
  • Enough cat litter, food and medication

If you’d rather book a professional cat sitter to look after your pet while you’re on holiday, you could try TrustedHousesitters - the world’s largest and most trusted pet sitting network. They help connect pet owners with verified sitters who care for homes and pets in exchange for accommodation. 

To find out more, go to the TrustedHousesitters website.

Cat-sitter checklist

Leaving your cat with a cat-sitter when you're on holiday? Download our checklist for everything they need to know - from dietary requirements to medical needs.

Before you leave for your holiday, you’ll need to think about the following:

  • Where is the cat food kept?
  • Where can the food bowls and water bowls be found?
  • When should your cat be fed?
  • Is your cat allowed outside? If they are allowed outside, what time do they need to be back in?
  • Is there a cat flap your cat uses?
  • Where are the litter trays located?
  • Where can your cat’s waste be disposed of?
  • How often should the cat’s litter be replaced?
  • What is your cat’s favourite toy?
  • Is your cat shy and do they prefer to be left alone?
  • Is there an emergency contact that your cat-sitter can speak to?
  • Does your cat take any medication? Give a full list of these to your cat-sitter
Download Cat-sitter checklist

Booking your cat into a cattery

Booking a cattery can ensure peace of mind when you’re on holiday. Before you make a decision, you’ll need to visit and inspect the cattery and ensure that your cat’s vaccinations are up to date. You’ll also need to think ahead – book a cattery far in advance of your trip to ensure they aren’t already fully booked. When you visit the cattery, you’ll need to check

  • Is the cattery licensed? Ask to see the license
  • Can your cat escape? Double doors or a safety corridor are better
  • Will your cat be kept separately from other cats? You’ll need to make sure they don’t have direct contact as this can make them feel stressed
  • Do the pens have heating or insulation? Can they be cleaned easily?
  • Is there space between the pens to ensure that cats can’t see each other?
  • Are food and water bowls clean?
  • Will the cattery be content to administer any medication your cat may need?

You can find out more about booking your cat into a cattery. Link to cattery page. For details of your nearest cattery, visit

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