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Looking for humane ways to keep away unwanted cats? Find out more in our guide.

Stay on the right side of the Animal Welfare Act

Cats are protected by law, so if you want keep them out of your garden, you must use safe, humane methods.
Before you use any deterrent to keep cats out of your garden, remember that cats are protected under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Injuring or harming a cat using any home-made or shop-bought deterrent could be considered an offence under the act, so bear this in mind when choosing deterrents.

Humane cat deterrents

Here are a few humane ways to keep cats out of your garden:

  • shoo cats away by shouting or clapping
  • install an automatic garden spray, triggered by an infra-red sensor that detects movement
  • erect high, close-boarded fences next to the hedges in the garden, making it difficult for cats to enter your garden
  • avoid leaving food for birds and other wildlife in places that are easily accessible by cats
  • ensure bin lids are secure
  • do not start feeding cats unless you want them to return regularly
  • cultivate shrubs closely to prevent cats from finding a place to dig
  • spread Soil Association-approved chicken manure pellets around beds and borders
  • to prevent cats from soiling in areas of your garden, consider covering them with stone chippings, pebbles or small rocks. You can also try protecting flower beds with lion dung-infused pellets, crushed egg shells, or by planting coleus canina

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