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The Hide & Sleep® part of the Feline Fort®, developed by Cats Protection, is the perfect way to offer hospitalised cats a place to hide; a behaviour which research suggests reduces stress.

The CP-designed Hide & Sleep® is an enrichment product for cats, developed in conjunction with scientific findings by Dr Rachel Casey, who conducted research into the effects of providing cats with hiding enrichment.

The studies, carried out at Cats Protection centres, demonstrated that the welfare of cats in care is greatly improved by providing them with somewhere to hide. It also showed that cats who can hide do not have a decreased chance of being adopted.

The Feline Fort® is a three-piece unit consisting of a cat step, table and hide that enables cats to express natural behaviours such as hiding. It increases their territory and allows them to view their surroundings from higher up, helping them feel safer. We have now launched the ‘hide’ only part of the Feline Fort® as a standalone product under the trademarked name of Hide & Sleep®.

The Hide & Sleep® is suitable for cats and other small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as reptiles.

The Feline Fort® pieces can be used individually or together as a whole unit in a variety of configurations. It is made from premium UV-stabilised polyethylene; an extremely durable material. It will not crack or discolour, will stand up to most chemicals, is very easy to clean, will last for many years and it looks great too! It comes in a standard mottled grey colour.

These images demonstrate just how well the Hide & Sleep® works within the veterinary environment as well as in the home and charity setting.

A relaxed cat using the elevated bed

A cat on intravenous fluids making use of the hiding opportunity provided - Photo credit - Mount Vets Veterinary Hospital Somerset

Hide & Sleep® being used in a charity pen environment

Hide & Sleep® testimonial

"The cat hide, such a simple but genius idea! Cats love boxes to hide in, so why not have one that is safe, sturdy and reusable.

Since getting the hides in our practice, we have seen a positive change in the way cats behave, interact and respond to us. They seem more secure and comfortable in their unfamiliar surroundings.

It can be very stressful for any animal to be away from their own environment. Giving them a haven to tuck themselves away, or for the confident cats, to sit on top and survey their surroundings, can only be a positive.

Here at The Mount Vets we give every cat (and small furry) the opportunity to have a hide. Some confident cats prefer not to use it, and that’s fine, most however like to tuck themselves away.

From a practical point with two entrances it is possible to assess the cat from a distance, therefore not having to disturb them. If you do however need to examine the cat, the hide can be gently lifted from the patient allowing you access without having to handle them.

From a hygienic point the hide is made of a sturdy plastic that is easy to disinfect and clean and can be used time and time again.

I cannot recommend this enough for every vets or rescue centre."

Laura Rowbotham RVN - Mount Vets Veterinary Hospital Somerset

A bank of pens all ready to go. A Hide & Sleep® in each pen will help each cat to settle more quickly by providing both a perching and hiding opportunity - Photo credit - Mount Vets Veterinary Hospital Somerset

Hide & Sleep®

Dimensions -  (L) 415mm x (W) 320mm x (H) 385mm
Weight - 3.5kg

£49.99- Retail price (inc VAT) excludes delivery

Full Feline Fort® (includes Hide & Sleep®)

Dimensions - Table: (L) 808mm x (W) 485mm x (H) 600mm assembled (9kg) Step: (L) 370mm x (W) 270mm x (H) 318 (3kg)

£299.99 - Retail price (inc VAT) excludes delivery


To purchase the Hide & Sleep®, please visit the Cats Protection shop, which also has Cats Protection’s Cat Care Collection range available to buy.

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If your order is for three or more Hide & Sleep® units, or five or more full Feline Fort®, or you are a registered animal charity, please contact our supplier directly to make your order -

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