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Our online learning modules are ideal for those looking to learn more about cats

Looking for a short course to help you learn everything you need to know about cat behaviour and the origins of the humble feline? Our online courses are designed with cat's needs in mind.

New Understanding Cats' Needs course

The latest course on understanding cats' needs focuses on three different cats, using their experiences to better understand feline behaviour. Learn more about the origins of the African Wildcat and the similarities between them and the domestic cat, or discover more about the needs of a cat living in Cats Protection's care. 

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The House Plan

Looking to learn more about cats in the home? Our house plan has been created as an engaging activity that educates on where to put essential resources, like litter trays, food bowls and scratching posts, in the home. 

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CPD record card for vets and veterinary nurses

Please download the self-recording card after completion of Cat’s Protection’s free CPD opportunities, Understanding Cats' Needs, our free online feline behaviour course or watching 'A guide to pre-pubertal neutering' - our veterinary earlier neutering video.

Download self recording card - PDF - 2MB

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