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Documents and procedures produced solely for vet professionals providing care to CP cats.

The guidance applies veterinary shelter medicine principles to issues not infrequently faced by CP. The guidance is not a substitute for specific clinical judgement and veterinary advice for individual cats, as it is appreciated that all cases are different. The guidance and protocols do not translate to owned cats, where husbandry, infectious disease risks and feline stresses can differ significantly.

Vets may also find other sections on the website of specific interest, such as the neutering section and our public ‘essential’ and ‘veterinary’ guides.

The veterinary guide - 2019 edition

This guide, produced for the veterinary profession, provides a current overview of Cats Protection (CP), the UK’s leading feline welfare charity.

This guide details the nature of veterinary care requested for domestic (non-feral) and feral cats in the care of the charity, as well as highlighting some recommendations the charity makes to cat owners.

Download The Veterinary Guide

Procedures and flow charts for cats in Cats Protection's care

Acute diarrhoea - PDF - 578KB - Download

Chronic diarrhoea - PDF - 138KB - Download

CP's Routine Parasite Control Procedures - PDF - 252KB - Download

Heart Murmurs flow chart - PDF - 91KB - Download

Diabetes flowchart and guidance - PDF - 161KB - Download

Dentistry and Chronic Gingivostomatitis Procedures - PDF - 125KB - Download

Feline Idiopathic Cystitis flowchart and guidance - PDF - 544KB - Download

Hyperthyroid flow chart - PDF - 108KB - Download

Kidney protocol flow chart - PDF - 129KB - Download

Ringworm procedures - PDF - 429KB - Download

Skin disease flow chart - PDF - 111KB - Download

Skin disease protocol - PDF - 342KB - Download

Tuberculosis (TB) flow chart - PDF - 153KB - Download

Feline Parvovirus FPV procedures - PDF - 111KB - Download

CP FCoV and FIP procedures - PDF - 156KB - Download

FIP flow charts - PDF - 205KB - Download

FIV/FeLV flow charts - PDF - 191KB - Download 

Upper respiratory disease procedure - PDF - 251KB - Download

Advice for adopters of Cats Protection cats

Adopting a cat that that has had potentially zoonotic diarrhoea - Advice for adopters - PDF - 69KB - Download

Dentistry - Advice for adopters - PDF - 69KB - Download

Heart murmurs - Advice for adopters - PDF - 75KB - Download

Neutering - Post operative advice for adopters - PDF - 69KB - Download

Vaccinations - Advice for adopters - PDF - 269KB - Download

Sunburn information sheet - PDF - 181KB - Download

Other guidance

Feral Cat Vet Care Summary - PDF - 73KB - Download

Foster Cat Vet Care Summary - PDF - 75KB - Download

CP's Minimum Veterinary Standards - PDF - 100KB - Download

CP Parasite Control Procedures FAQs - PDF - 204KB - Download

Purina 1-9 Body Conditioning Poster - PDF - Download

Virbac Speed Duo Test Instruction Sheet - PDF - 591KB - Download

Bristol Cat Oral Health Card - can be used when carrying out CP cat assessment status as part of the veterinary clinical examination - PDF - 676KB - Download

Investigation of heart murmurs - PDF - 47KB - Download

Commonly asked vaccination questions - PDF - 235KB - Download

Branch Vet Infographic - PDF - 316KB - Download

Branch neutering payments for cats in care - 87.1KB - Download

Assessment of neuter status

LH Guidelines for testing unknown neutered state flowchart - PDF - Click to view

LH testing protocol - PDF - Click to view

Handout for new owners of female cats not neutered by Cats Protection - PDF - Click to view

Assessment of neutered status – female cats - PDF - Click to view

Assessment of neutered status – male cats - PDF - Click to view

Medical Summary for Homing form

Medical summary for homing form - PDF - Click to view

Guidance for completing the CP medical summary form - PDF - Click to view

Essential and veterinary guide leaflets

Our Essential and Veterinary guides cover all aspects of cat ownership and common medical issues.

They can be downloaded directly from the website or ordered using the Essential and Veterinary guide leaflet order form.

See our Essential and Veterinary guides

Essential and Veterinary guide order form

Paws to Listen order form

We understand how difficult it can be for owners when their cat goes missing, has been rehomed, is nearing the end of its life or has recently passed away. To help support people during this difficult time Cats Protection runs a confidential grief support service where people can talk to a trained volunteer listener.

To promote this service we have produced a range of resources, which can be ordered free of charge and displayed around your practice.

Download the order form

Print off a poster

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