How to adopt a cat

Step 1 - Contact your local CP
Identify your local Cats Protection branch or adoption centre and give them a call.  Discuss with them what sort of cat you are looking for. They will put you in touch with some fosterers and discuss the home visit.

Step 2 - Contact the Fosterers
Next step is to contact the fosterers. They will arrange to you to see the cats and will arrange a home visit.

Step 3 - the home visit
Not every cat will suit your specific environment so we will carry out a home visit to ensure that we find a cat that fits your circumstances.

Step 4 - meet the cats
Visit the cats and take the opportunity to speak with fosterer and learn about the different cats’ characters.

Step 5 - collection day
Once you've had your home visit, you can collect your new family member. As our cat care costs can be in excess of £150 per cat, we do ask that adopters pay a fee to enable us to carry on helping more cats in need.

Step 6 - advice and support
If you have any queries after taking your cat home, please give us call – we’re here to help the adoption go smoothly! After 2 weeks we will give you a call to check that all is well and to find out if you have decided to rename the cat.