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Our Home to Home scheme allows cats to stay in a familiar environment until we match them with their new family.

If you’re adopting a cat through our Home to Home scheme, you can find out more information below.

What is Home to Home?

Home to Home is a process allowing a cat to stay with their current family until they have been matched with new owners, at which point they’ll go straight to their new home rather than coming into charity care.

Our team work closely with all parties to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for the cat going to their new home.

Why Home to Home?

Home to Home works well for owners who do not need immediate help rehoming their cat and are happy to provide a safe environment for their cat until a suitable home can be found. You can read more about how this process works for owners rehoming their cat with the scheme.

Completing the homing process this way leaves our rehoming pens available for cats that are unable to stay in their homes and ultimately allows us to help more cats, especially at a time where our waiting lists are long.

How Home to Home works for adopters

The homing process for adopters is still exactly the same as if you were adopting a cat being cared for in one of our centres or branches:

  • adopters can find a cat using our online tool
  • when you find a cat that sounds like a good fit for your home, you can fill out an application form to adopt them
  • our team will review your application carefully and make sure you and your chosen cat are a good fit for each other
  • you’ll be contacted by the branch or centre to discuss your adoption and may be asked to fill out any remaining paperwork and pay our adoption fee
  • the branch or centre will arrange for your new feline family member to be collected and either brought to your home or brought to a centre for you to come and collect them

Find out more about our adoption process.

Home to Home – FAQs for adopters

How much does it cost to adopt a cat through the Home to Home scheme?

If you are adopting a cat who is being homed through our Home to Home scheme you can rest assured that these cats will have had the same veterinary treatment as our cats in care. Our adoption process remains the same for Home to Home cats, including four weeks’ free Petplan insurance, so our standard adoption fee applies.

How long does it take to adopt a cat through Home to Home?

Once a suitable home has been found for cats up for adoption either in our care or through Home to Home we aim to complete the adoption process within seven days. This provides us with the capacity to help more cats in need of rehoming.

Will I meet the other party?

We do not offer a physical meeting of the cat or the relinquishing owner prior to adoption. We have been working successfully with this virtual homing process since the pandemic. For data protection reasons no personal information will be transferred between the relinquishing owner and adopter.

How does this process benefit cats?

While our rehoming centres and foster spaces are great temporary places for cats looking for a new home, they can be stressful for some cats as there are lots of unfamiliar sights and smells. Keeping cats in a familiar environment can reduce the amount of change inflicted on them and therefore they may be less stressed overall.

The more cats homed through this process the more rehoming pens we have available for cats that are unable to stay in their homes and ultimately allows us to help more cats.

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