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Need to rehome your cat? Our Home to Home scheme will get them settled in with a new owner quickly and directly.

While making the decision to give up your cat is never easy, we want to make it as hassle-free as possible – for you and for your cat.

What is Home to Home?

Our Home to Home scheme offers the opportunity for cats to stay in their own home during the homing process rather than coming into cattery care. It might work for you if you don’t need immediate help rehoming your cat or are able to provide a safe environment for them while a suitable home can be found.

Perhaps you’re caring for a family member’s cat that has recently passed away, or you’re looking to move locations and keeping your cat is no longer possible? Whatever your reason, we’re here to help.

How does Home to Home work?

  • Once you’ve made the decision to rehome your cat, get in touch with us by calling 0330 555 0159. We’ll explain the homing process fully, take some more details and confirm if you’re suitable for the scheme
  • We’ll then send an agreement form for you to sign, along with a handy guide on taking photos and videos of your cat to send back to us
  • We’ll arrange a health check with a Cats Protection vet. Once your cat has been approved and we have received your photos and video footage, we can begin advertising for a new home on our website
  • Any potential adopters can apply online and we’ll assess their suitability to make sure your cat goes to the right home for them
  • Once your cat has been reserved, we’ll arrange transport from your home to their new home

How much does Home to Home cost?

We don’t charge a specific fee through homing your cat through this process. As a charity, we rely on the support of the public and any donations made towards our centres are greatly appreciated. Your donations help us to continue helping cats across the UK.

How long does the Home to Home process take?

While our aim is to help your cat find a new home as quickly as possible, there may be some factors that slow down the process. Home to Home works well for owners who do not need immediate help rehoming their cat.

If you do have a deadline on how long you can keep your cat – for example, if you are moving house, please let us know early on so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Can I meet my cat’s new adopters?

Potential adopters will only be able to see the photos and video footage of your cat, and we do not currently offer a physical meeting of the cat prior to adoption. For data protection reasons, no personal information will be transferred between you and your cat’s adopter.

My cat is microchipped, neutered and up to date with vaccinations. Do they still need to visit the vet?

All cats homed through Cats Protection receive a minimum standard of veterinary care and come with four weeks’ free Petplan insurance. It is important we provide the same care for our Home to Home cats, and Cats Protection will need to complete the health check in order to create any adoption paperwork. If your cat has already received these necessary treatments, this may speed up the process. Should your cat need any further treatments, we will discuss this with you.

How does Home to Home benefit my cat?

While our centres are great places for cats while they find new homes, they are full of unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells. Some cats in particular are sensitive to change and going into a temporary environment can affect their welfare. Keeping your cat in their familiar environment can reduce unnecessary stress.

By providing us with photos, videos and plenty of information about your cat, you’ll also help us to ensure your cat is placed in the right home for them.

How does Home to Home help Cats Protection?

By completing the homing process this way, our cattery pens are available for cats that are unable to stay in their homes or have to be removed in urgent situations. This ultimately helps us to help more cats.

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