Home visit: what to expect

One of Cats Protection Horsham and District’s main objectives is to find good homes for all the cats in our care. We want to make sure that the cat coming into your life is the right cat for you, your family, your lifestyle and your plans for the future.

By doing this, the process of settling your new family member into their new home will be that much easier, meaning you have the very best chance of a long and happy life together. Sadly, some cats do get returned to us after being rehomed, so we want to make sure that everyone, puss included, is happy with the arrangements in advance!

When you contact us, our volunteer staff will ask you some questions that will help them to guide you towards the best cat for you and your home. Some of the cats in our care have to live indoors, for example, so if you live near a particularly busy road or in a flat with no access to a garden, one of these cats may be more suitable. We want to match you with a cat that will be happy in your environment.

We will know the history and temperament of most of the cats in our care, so by talking to you we can help ensure a good fit and offer advice on possible matches before the home visit takes place.  If you live in a rented property, we also need to check if your landlord will allow you to keep pets at your address. If so, it is likely we’ll need to see a written statement from your landlord confirming this.

We’ll endeavour to carry out a home visit as soon as possible after your initial enquiry. And don’t worry: there’s really nothing to worry about – we just want the best for you and for our cats.

The main aims of this meeting are to:
  • Offer advice and information about cat ownership and in particular discuss the needs of your new pet
  • Discuss how to manage your new arrival, for example how they may interact with small children who may live in the house with or visit you
  • Advise how to go about introductions to other cats and dogs that may live with you              
  • Talk about the local area around your home with you and how this might affect your cat’s behaviour
  • Help you think about your working day and your lifestyle – will you be away from home for long periods of time?

Don’t worry: you can have a cat in your life despite having a busy daily schedule!