Success stories

Horrible Henry

Hello. My name is Henry, although my owners often call me 'Horrible Henry' or even 'Revolting Henry' though I've no idea why. This makes me very stressed, as you can see from the photos.

I am a young cat, and I was found wandering in Horsham earlier this year, and handed in to the CP. They fattened me up a bit, and took me to a show in Broadbridge Heath, from where Chris and Linda took me home.

This was a bit strange, so I lived on top of their bedroom wardrobe for a few days, before coming down and being shown the catflap and the garden.

This was fun! There are fields next door, and as my owners did not seem very good at catching things I started bringing them mice, although I must confess I ate a few on the way. 

This did not seem to please them, so I moved up to bunnies. Again they were not over impressed, especially with the ones without heads. I think this was when the words 'horrible' and 'revolting' started being used....

I then tried squirrels, but same result. I think they must just be very hard to please. There is a herd of deer in the field, so maybe I'll try one of those next, but I'm not sure if it will fit through the catflap.

Apart from that we seem to get on quite well. I like to get on their laps when they are reading, or about to go to bed, or I crash out on the footstool just as Linda is about to put her feet up. I'm sure they'll soon get used to me. I hope so, because I quite like it here.

This warm weather is making me weary, so I think I'll have a little snooze, then maybe time for one more bunny before dinner.  

Thank you for sending me here, CP. It's not a bad life.



Hello there. My name is Misty, and I'm a three year old young lady.

I was taken into care by the CP because circumstances at my home meant I was not being cared for properly, and I spent several weeks at their cattery in Pulborough. Lots of people came to see me, but none took me home, which I could not understand.

One day in June, a couple called Chris and Linda came to see me, and they did decide to take me back to their home in Horsham. They told me they had given a home to several CP cats over the years, and one of them, a black cat called Harvey, had stayed with them for over twenty years.

Their previous cat, Horrible Henry, was well known to CP supporters - in fact, you can read his story above mine. Apparently he was on a mission to catch every bunny in Sussex, but came to grief when he extended his hunting territory across the A281. I’ve been told I must not even think of going there!

I have been taught to use something called a cat flap, and I'm allowed out anytime during the day, but not at night. There is a garden where I go to help Linda with her gardening, and a field next door where I've managed to find a few mice to take home, although for some reason Chris and Linda do not seem to really appreciate this. They also don't seem too keen on my fondness for a good roll in the dirt after I've been brushed and combed, but this is something we cats can't resist!

My new servants seem to know what a girl likes - I get lots of strokes, nice grub and lots of comfortable places to sleep. It's taken me a while to get used to everything, but I've settled in now, and have no plans to leave.

Thank you CP for finding me this home - I hope to be here for many years.