Interested in fostering a cat or kittens??

We are always happy to hear from people willing to foster for the group.

Mature cats are fostered, usually short term, either in an outside run or a spare room in your house. You will deal with local vets in all matters relating to the well-being of your cat. All equipment and food is provided, and out of pocket expenses refunded. Cats will be offered to you by the Homing Officer, and it's your choice whether you accept the offered cat. Full training will be given prior to taking on your first cat, and we will assist you as needed. The work is flexible around your lifestyle.

Kittens are fostered in your home. A spare room is best, but anywhere safe is fine. They do best in a social environment with regular attention and play. A lightweight kitten pen is provided, 1.0m x 0.7m x 0.7m, with all necessary food and equipment. As with cats, veterinary care will be paid for by the group, training and support available as required, and out of pocket expenses refunded.

Hand rearing kittens
Orphaned kittens will occasionally need hand reared until they are able to take solid food. This is very satisfying work, but only for people who don't mind missing out on a bit of sleep.
If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, please contact