Photo and Video Volunteer

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity and our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Cats are at the centre of everything we do and our objectives are: homing, neutering and educating people about cats and their care.

We help thousands of cats across the UK each year thanks to our network of dedicated volunteers, staff and supporters.

A bit about this role

Everyone loves a cute cat picture, and our photo and video volunteers help source, capture and share exciting photos of cats and other images relevant to everything Cats Protection does to help our feline friends. Their photos and images help raise awareness of our fantastic volunteer groups and teams which in turn helps raise funds, raises awareness adopting a Cats Protection cat, helps promote neutering and encourages people to learn more about feline welfare. 

What can you expect to be doing? 

  • Communicating with others to obtain photos and videos
  • Organising photos and videos provided by others
  • Capturing images of cats in care, cats we are helping, events and all things Cats Protection
  • Sharing images through social media, local websites and within local communities.  

A bit more information about this role and the team

If you enjoy taking photos and videos, we’d love to hear from you.  You'll be working with our team of volunteers and staff to prioritise those cats in need of a bit of extra help in promoting themselves.  Don't worry, you won't be on your own.  Our team will also help you handle the cats if you need assistance and will help you set everything up for the perfect shot.  

You don't need to be an expert, but just need an eye for what makes a good shot.  You'll also need lots of patience - our cats aren't always that obliging when it comes to posing!  You don't need to commit to specific hours each week - whatever time you can provide, will be hugely appreciated.

If you have social media and creative design skills – even better! We would also love help with poster and leaflet design as well

What are the benefits to you and the cats?

You will develop new skills, expand your knowledge and make a significant contribution to improving the lives of cats and kittens by using your creativity to increase awareness of Cats Protection. You will also meet new people, make new friends and be part of a dedicated team of volunteers.

We’re looking for someone with

  • Self-motivation
  • Photography skills
  • Experience of filming and editing promotional videos
  • IT skills and knowledge of social media
  • Good verbal and written communication skills 
  • Willingness to be part of a team 

Time expectation 

Our photo and video volunteers usually spend 2 to 3 hours per week in this role, which is flexible and can be shared by more than one volunteer if needed.

Additional Information

At Cats Protection we believe our volunteers should be happy and confident in their roles. To make sure this is the case, we provide support and guidance both remotely from our National Cat Centre and face to face through our regional and local volunteer groups and teams. We also offer varied online and face to face training and have wide-ranging policies covering all aspects of volunteering. We hope the support we provide will ensure our volunteers have a great experience with Cats Protection.

Contact Details:

Isle of Wight Adoption Centre

Closing Date: 30 Sep 2019