I've Found a Cat


Please contact our Reception if you have lost or found a cat on the Isle of Wight on Tel: 03000 120 251

If you have found a cat, here are a few suggestions on how to locate the owner:

  • Make note of when this cat arrived
  • Has anyone new moved into the neighbourhood?
  • Have your neighbours gone on holiday and left a friend to feed the cat?
  • Check collar for any owner details
  • Contact all local animal welfare groups and vets to register the cat's details. This cat may have been reported missing
  • If the cat is injured, contact the local vets
  • Scan the cat to check for micro-chipping
  • Are you able to feed the cat short term while the owner is found, or before an animal group can take him in for care? (Avoid feeding it unless it is particularly underweight).

Useful tools to advertise or locate a found pet:




Five things to do with a found cat

  1. Avoid feeding it unless it is particularly underweight - this will only encourage the cat to come back, even if it has an owner!
  2. Call your local animal shelter or organisation
  3. List the cat on your local community Facebook page
  4. Put up posters with a picture and description
  5. Report abandoned pets to the RSPCA
  6. If the cat doesn't have an owner we'll find the cat a home


What do I do if I've found a cat?

Most cats are, by nature, inclined to roam the area surrounding their home. You're likely to come across a stray cat on your travels, although it might be tricky to find out whether it is a stray cat, a feral or is in fact an owned cat with a sense of adventure. So what should you do if you've found a cat?


How do I know if the cat is feral, stray or an owned cat?

Before you do anything, it is important to think about whether the cat you've found is a stray, a feral or an owned cat. If they appear well-groomed and is a healthy weight, they may have an owner nearby.

Ferals behave like wild animals and won't come close, even with encouragement. Stray cats might look lost and disorientated, but may be friendly if given time. Check out our visual guide above for more tips on how to identify the cat you have found.