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There are many different reasons why a cat might come into our care. Sometimes there is a change in the owner’s circumstances (for example, they might have gone into residential care, or a family member might have developed an allergy to cat hair). Sometimes a litter of kittens is born and the owner needs help in finding them homes. Some cats have been through a traumatic time, or been living as a stray before they find their way to Cats Protection, whereas others have been part of a loving home and are bewildered by their change in circumstance.

Whatever the reason, fosterers make a huge difference to the lives of these cats, keeping them safe until a new loving home can be found.

Fosterers are unpaid - the reward is in knowing you have helped an abandoned or homeless cat to begin a new chapter in its life, giving it a second chance in a happy home. However, we do help with:

  • provisions - the branch will provide all equipment and essentials for your foster cat, e.g. food, toys, litter tray and bed
  • veterinary fees - all vet's fees will be covered by the branch
  • transport - if you don't drive or don't have access to a vehicle other members of the branch will be able to help with transport if it's needed (for example, if the cats in your care need to visit the vet)
  • back up - experienced help is at the end of a phone and you will be in regular contact with the rest of the team.

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Do you have these qualities?

  • A love of cats
  • Basic knowledge of cats and cat care
  • An appreciation of cat and hygiene standards
  • Good people skills as we value your opinion on a potential adopter
  • Be caring without being sentimental
  • Able to let them go when the time comes for them to go to their new home

The main tasks of the role are:

  • meeting the needs of the cats in your care
  • maintaining minimum veterinary and cat care standards
  • cleaning and looking after the cats environment and equipment
  • feeding, grooming and administering medication (such as flea and worm treatments)
  • spending time enriching the cats experience in care including play, exercise and stroking.

You can find out more by:

See our volunteering page for current opportunities.