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1st March 2023

Cats Protection is disappointed that the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee report recommends the Government abandon their promise to legislate to make it illegal to unreasonably withhold consent when a tenant requests permission to have a pet.

Cats Protection’s Head of Advocacy, Campaigns and Government Relations Madison Rogers said: “This recommendation is a cruel blow to people who rent their homes, making it almost impossible for many renters to own a pet.

“For too long, renters have been denied the chance to own pets and this cannot be right in a modern society. We had hoped progress was finally being made, but this recommendation is a step backwards.

“Whether it’s for older people living alone, young families or people experiencing mental or physical health issues, pet cats quickly become an important part of the family. It is therefore heartbreaking that so many people are denied the chance of cat ownership or worse, have to give up their beloved pet for rehoming because of problems finding rented housing that allows pets.

“Our research tells us a third of all private landlords who don’t currently allow pets say nothing would persuade them to change their mind. This clearly demonstrates that legislation is urgently needed to give renters better rights.

“Cats Protection will continue campaigning for a ban on blanket ‘no pets’ policies, which are unfair and outdated.”

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