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27th September 2022

Cats Protection has welcomed Labour’s Private Renters’ Charter which includes plans to give tenants the right to own a pet.

The charity’s Head of Advocacy, Campaigns & Government Relations Madison Rogers said: “Our research shows that there are 1 million households who would like to own a cat but cannot because they live in rented accommodation that doesn’t allow pets. This is heartbreaking for people of all ages – from elderly people who would benefit enormously from a companion to young children who are denied the many joys of growing up with a pet.

“Cats Protection has been working hard to speak up for renters and we’re delighted that Labour is committed to giving tenants the right to own a pet. At the moment, pet ownership is something which can predominantly only be enjoyed by people who own their own home. This cannot be right in a modern society, and we look forward to working with politicians from across all parties on this important issue.”

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