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2nd November 2022

Celebrity businesswoman and TV personality Gemma Collins was charmed by scores of homeless cats when she opened Cats Protection’s Chelmsford Adoption Centre (1 November).

Cat-owner Gemma was given a tour of the refurbished Essex centre and its new maternity wing, where she met cats that had been abandoned by their owners, relinquished due to circumstances or found living as strays.

Gemma said: “I always knew I would end up a Cat Lady. I love cats. I want to take them all home with me today but I have a busy life so I’m not sure yet. But I’m putting out a plea to help these amazing people give cats a home.

“These cats just want love. They are just so affectionate and can give a lot of comfort to people. If you can give a cat a home, if you have time to stroke, love and give these cats a caring environment, then please reach out. Cats are such great companions. Please, go to the Cats Protection website and adopt these amazing animals.”

Cats Protection’s newly styled Chelmsford Adoption Centre has added 10 new admission pens, bringing the total to 50, including 16 maternity and isolation units.

Kieron Adams, Centre Manager, said: “Our team has worked tirelessly to prepare for our reopening and it was wonderful to welcome local cat lover Gemma Collins to open the centre. Her support will help us to care for more cats in need in Chelmsford and Essex.”

Gemma said: “If you’re looking for a cat, please get in touch with the Cats Protection adoption services in Chelmsford. This centre is amazing. It’s immaculate.”

Gemma was thrilled to be asked to name a cat recently arrived at the centre. The cat had lost fur on his bottom and tail due to a flea allergy, but Gemma learned that treatment should have him back to his fluffy best in a short time.

The name picked by Gemma for this 12-year-old cat; Magical Mr Mistoffelees, after a much-loved character in the musical Cats.

Gemma said: “Just see how lovely he is. Magical Mr Mistoffelees, that’s a perfect name for him. Cats feel when someone is caring for them, giving them fuss. Just see how lovely he is. All he wants is love. If you can adopt Mr Mistoffelees, please get in touch with Cats Protection. He deserves a happier new life.”

Gemma was also moved to hear that the cost of living crisis means that Cats Protection is recording more cats being relinquished due to financial pressures such as food, litter and vet bills.

She said: “I adore cats and I was saddened when I heard that so many people were letting their cats go because of circumstances. If you can give a cat warmth, cuddles, love, food, please go on to the website. We can all do something to help give these cats a better life.”

Guy Chadwick, Operations Manager, said: “The number of cats in need is on the rise. As well as the usual requests, we are being asked to respond to people impacted by the rising cost of living. This refitted centre will make an important contribution to the work done by our cat care team and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to support for cats and their owners in the county.”

For those who have been waiting to adopt, the centre expects to start taking in cats again soon, so potential adopters are encouraged to keep an eye on the centre’s website.

Anyone with a need to rehome their cat can get in touch on

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