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17th February 2022

Cats Protection is advising cat owners to take extra precautions to keep their animals safe during the upcoming storm on Friday.

The UK’s leading cat charity says it fears for cat safety when the predicted 100mph winds hit from storm Eunice.

“Cats are very independent and they love to explore outside, but with such severe weather warnings on the way for Friday, we just wanted to remind the public to make sure their cats are safe at home,” said Sarah Elliott, Cats Protection’s Central Veterinary Officer.

“We all need to be aware of risks such as falling trees, strong gusts of winds and flying objects, but our cats won’t have the same level of awareness, so we need to do our part to keep them out of harm’s way.”

Cats Protection’s top tips for keeping your cat safe are:

  • make sure to stock up on food and any necessary medication for your pet in case you find yourself unable to leave your home
  • keep your cat inside with access to food, bedding, cat litter and fresh water
  • ensure cats are microchipped and its details are up to date
  • have a good quality photo of them to circulate should they go missing
  • have all important documents together such as pet insurance details, vaccination details, microchip details and important phone numbers

“If your cat is afraid of the ferocity and noise of the storm, it’s important to help them feel calm by keeping to familiar routines where possible. You can also make sure they have somewhere to hide and keep safe. Something as simple as a cardboard box with a blanket inside can give your cat somewhere cosy to hunker down and sleep through the storm. You can also make sure they have somewhere safe and up high to go to as cat’s feel most relaxed when they can look down and survey their surroundings,” said Sarah Elliott.

“Putting a radio or television on low could help counteract the sound of any noisy wind battering windows. You can also try a pheromone diffuser, which should be plugged in at least 12 hours prior and it will emit relaxing pheromones.”

In the event a cat does get into any scrapes during the storm, Cats Protection has a helpful first aid guide which can come in handy if owners aren’t sure what to do.


For further information or an interview, please contact Cats Protection’s Media Office on 01825 741 911, at, or @CPMediaTeam on Twitter.

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