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8th June 2022

An abandoned cat who was bullied by alley cats and needed all his teeth removed is looking for a loving new home in Kent.

Seven-year-old Stanley was left to fend for himself in Sheerness when his owners moved away, last September. As if being on the streets wasn’t enough, the affectionate puss became victim to repeated attacks by neighbourhood strays and he was left with a badly infected mouth.

Stanley was in such a sorry state that neighbours appealed for help from volunteers at Cats Protection’s Swale Branch. The team responded and quickly managed to capture the cat and arrange treatment for his ailments.

Kim Braysher, Branch Team Leader, said: “Stan was very poorly when we brought him in and he was understandably very scared. After suddenly finding himself homeless through no fault of his own, he had been forced to live as a stray in alleyways, scavenging for food.

“A gang of bigger unneutered tom cats took a dislike to him being on their patch and they beat him up badly and repeatedly. His mouth was extremely sore when we rescued him and he had to have all his teeth removed.”

The Swale volunteers are baffled that Stanley remains in foster care after more than four months and is constantly overlooked. Despite his recent trauma, Stanley is an affectionate cat in need of a home.

Kim said: “He’s coped commendably well since the dental work and he is perfectly able to eat wet food, pouches, whatever he fancies. He even manages a few small treats, which he either sucks or swallows whole. He’s a much happier cat and wants nothing more than to cuddle and snuggle. He's such a gentle boy.”

Stanley tested positive for FIV, an auto immune condition that means he should live in a home where he is the only cat. Cats with FIV can enjoy many years of normal life, often living into older age, if they receive regular vet checks. Stanley will need a daily pill for the rest of his life, but he takes it well and Cats Protection can advise on how best to administer the medication.

Stanley has been microchipped, neutered and prepared for rehoming. Anyone interested in adopting this charming boy can contact his care team on 0345 371 2755 or to discuss further.

Kim said: “Stanley is the most adorable, gentle, affectionate cat. He loves a lap to snuggle on and, in fact, you’ll barely have time to sit down before he jumps on your lap. He’ll make someone a very loving companion.”

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