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12th February 2024

Cat owners across the UK are being invited to nominate their pets for the biggest event in the feline year – the National Cat Awards.

The annual event, run by Cats Protection, celebrates the UK’s favourite cats, with heart-warming tales of devotion, courage and companionship. 
Entries open on Tuesday 13 February and owners have until noon on Tuesday 26 March to nominate their cat in one of four categories. Owners or colleagues can also nominate a veterinary professional who has provided exceptional care for a cat in the Vet of the Year category:

Family cats: For cats who make a family complete - whether it’s being there for companionship, providing comfort and support in tough times, or simply keeping everyone amused. 

Incredible cats: From heroic cats who save the day to those who have done something truly extraordinary. They might have survived against the odds, returned home after an epic adventure or maybe even saved a life. 

Senior cats: Celebrating cats over the age of 11, who might be thriving in their older years or simply enjoying the quieter side of life.  

Connected cats: Recognising cats that make us smile. From well-connected cats with their own social media following to those who pop up in the local community.

Vet of the Year 2024: For vets or veterinary professionals who have provided outstanding cat care.

Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards organiser Catherine Cottrell said: “We share our lives with cats, and as one of the nation’s favourite pets, they have a special role in the lives of millions of people. Whether they’re curling up on our laps after a stressful day, providing companionship to elderly or vulnerable people or simply making us laugh, cats bring happiness to the lives of all sorts of people. 

“The National Cat Awards is all about celebrating everything we love about cats and what they bring into our lives. We’re thrilled to be hosting the awards once again and hope this year’s entries will inspire more people to adopt a rescue cat.”

Winners will be selected in a public vote and by a panel of judges before being announced during a ceremony in London on 18 September.

The Cat of the Year 2024 will be selected from the four category winners. Last year’s winner was Zebby, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who won the title National Cat of the Year in recognition of the support he gives to his deaf owner by alerting her to sounds and noises around the home. 

To nominate your cat, or for further information, visit our National Cat Awards page from Tuesday 13 February.

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