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10th January 2023

Cat lovers across the UK are being invited to nominate their furry friends for the biggest event in the feline year – the National Cat Awards.

Run by the charity Cats Protection, the annual event celebrates the nation’s most marvellous moggies, with heart-warming tales of devotion, courage and companionship.

Entries open on Tuesday 10 January and owners have until noon on Friday 24 February to nominate their cat in one of four categories:

  • Cat Colleagues – Celebrating cats who bring joy to the workplace or make working from home a pleasure.
  • Family Fur-ever – Recognising cats that make a family complete, whether they’re a child’s best friend or a comforting sofa buddy.
  • Moggy Marvels – Jaw-dropping stories of survival, heroism and companionship in the cat world.
  • Social Star – Paying tribute to those feline influencers who spread joy on social media.

Cats Protection’s Chief Executive John May said: “Cats are undoubtedly some of our nation’s most treasured pets, and over the past few years many of us have found their companionship more important than ever.

“The National Cat Awards are all about celebrating everything we love about cats – from their entertaining antics to their comforting presence. And in recognition of just how much enjoyment cats bring to the world, we’ve introduced a new Social Star category, where the public can nominate their favourite famous felines.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the awards once again and look forward to sharing many wonderful stories of moggy brilliance, and hopefully inspire more people to adopt a rescue cat in 2023.”

Winners will be selected in a public vote and by a panel of judges before being announced during a ceremony at London’s Wilton’s Music Hall on 17 July 2023.

The winner of the National Cat of the Year trophy will inherit the title from Jasper and Willow, who were named joint National Cat of the Year 2022 in recognition of the role they play at St Peter & St James Hospice in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

To nominate your cat, or for further information about the National Cat Awards, visit our National Cat Awards information pages.

Find out more about adopting a cat from Cats Protection.

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