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5th October 2018

While moving house can be stressful for humans, it can be tricky for cats too. The latest Simon’s Cat Logic animation focuses on this topic, as creator Simon Tofield and Cats Protection Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow talk about how to prepare your cat.

“Moving house can be a big deal for cats.” Says Nicky. “Much of their feelings of security and the ability to relax comes from having familiar sights, scents and sounds.”

Simon’s latest animation, ‘Nuts again!’ is inspired by his own house move, where he carefully sought out a home with a garden for his four cats.

“Having four cats is a lot of animals to bring to a new neighbourhood,” says Simon. “There were a few cat squabbles to begin with, before they sorted out their territory.”

For those moving house with their cat soon, there is plenty of advice to help you prepare. You can watch Simon’s animation below.

To learn more about moving house with your cat, click here

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