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28th February 2023

Two cats found dumped in a box at the side of the road are recovering after being rushed to Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre.

Anna and Elsa were found by a passerby who went to investigate after noticing a cat carrier abandoned in a layby on the Uckfield by-pass.

Thought to be around nine-years-old, the two cats are being treated by vets for dehydration and diarrhoea but staff are hopeful they will make a good recovery.

Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre Deputy Manager Tania Marsh said: “We have no idea how the cats came to be abandoned, or how long they had been there. With the cost of living crisis, it is certainly a possibility that this was an act of desperation for someone who could no longer care for them.

“Fortunately, these cats were found in time, but if they had not been discovered then the outcome could have been very different. We would urge anyone struggling to care for their cat to please get in touch with us first - our staff are friendly, caring and sensitive and used to helping in difficult situations.

“Anna and Elsa are lovely cats, very sweet and gentle. They’re still quite shy but that’s to be expected after what they’ve been through. We’ll be looking for a calm, quiet home for them once they are fit and well.”

Anna and Elsa – named after the much-loved characters from Disney’s Frozen – will be looking for new homes when they have fully recovered.

To find out more about adopting Anna and Elsa, or any of the cats currently being cared for at the centre, please visit their website.

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