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30th May 2022

Young stray cat may lose leg after being maimed in air gun shooting.

Thought to be around 18 months old and named Paris by carers, the unlucky feline arrived in the care of Cats Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Centre after she had been seen straying around the Redditch area for over a month.

The moggie, who is all black except for a highlight of white on her chest and scattering of white on her head, had been scavenging for food until a kind family began feeding her in their garden. However, when Paris started to become more withdrawn and lash out, the family appealed to the charity for help.

Upon arrival it was clear that Paris was in pain and struggling to walk on her left leg.

The centre’s deputy manager, Paula Beswick, says: “Paris had a very swollen front leg and foot when she was brought to us. She was unable to bear weight on it and was in a lot of pain which is why her behaviour had changed towards the family feeding her.

“Our vet checked her leg and prescribed her some pain relief until we were able to get her up to the surgery. Initially we thought she was suffering from an abscess caused by a cat bite but we were shocked when we saw the x-rays. There was a lead pellet lodged between her toes. Along with the pellet, she has also sustained two broken toes.”

Paris had her foot fully shaved for surgery and the pellet was removed under anaesthetic. By the following day Paris was able to stand on her paw once more, however depending how the broken toes heal, she may still require amputation of her leg.

Paula adds: “When it was removed we were horrified, not only was it quite a large pellet but it had a vicious-looking red spike at one end, the type specifically used for hunting. It’s appalling that access to weapons that shoot this kind of pellet don’t require a license. Paris would have been in significant pain while also trying to fend for herself outdoors. If she hadn’t been brought to us when she was, it’s likely she could have died from an infection or lost her paw.”

Cats Protection is calling for the Government to license air guns in England and Wales as in Scotland and Northern Ireland where licensing is already in place. Find out how to back Cats Protection's campaign to end cruel air gun attacks.

This year, support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery is helping Cats Protection to speak up for cats on issues like this as well as fund the care of cats like Paris in the charity’s centres while they wait to find new homes.

Find out more about Paris as well as the other cats at Birmingham Adoption Centre currently in need of homes.

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