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In memory of Ferris

Ferris was just 3 years old and came to me with us brother Willow from the cats protection league as kittens. My daughter and I have been through a really tough couple of years as her dad died from a brain tumour, so having the cats really brought some joy into our lives. Ferris was a real character, bouncy and energetic, and very adventurous. He liked to wander at night, but was like a little alarm clock, always bouncing up in my bed at first light to wake me with a lick on the nose and a big loud purr. He was cruelly taken away on Wednesday morning, clearly with his mind on his breakfast her dashed across a road and was killed by a car. The thoughtlessly driver didn’t stop but he was found by a vet nurse on her way to work and she took him to be scanned and contacted me. I’m utterly heartbroken, it doesn’t feel real. Willow keeps looking for his brother as they were so close and used to curl up and sleep together. I’m considering trying to introduce a new friend for him, but it will never be the same. I simply adored Ferris, he was so funny and affectionate. Willow is a sweetheart but he’s a much more timid character than his brother, and now he just seems so sad.

by Mrs Jane Tighe

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