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In memory of Jasper

My beautiful boy chose me of which I am truly blessed, you were my big gorgeous fluff ball. You were the first person I talked to every morning and miss your constant meowing so much the house is so quiet. I miss you running down the stairs and nearly tripping me up, always being under my feet and having to make sure I didn’t step on you if I got up in the night. your brother misses you he keeps looking for you, not sure he misses being batted by you. I miss playing with you through the railings & you mostly got me until latterly when you slowed down. I miss seeing you play with your ball & hearing the bell tinkle. It’s only been 3 days since I had to let you go & im heartbroken, the house just isn’t the same anymore. Run free over the rainbow bridge my beautiful boy, reunited with your mummy & brother 🌈

by Sarah Millington

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