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In memory of Snug

How could I ever forget my beautiful baby girl, Snug, who looked as youthful at age 19 as she did as a young cat. (The picture provided was taken only 2 weeks before her death.) I found her and her sister, Snuff at a local Cat's Protection in 2002 and no one could wish for better natured, sweet and loving cats. Sadly Snuff died 9 years ago, and Snug just after her 19th birthday last month (August 2021) so the hole she's left in me is still very raw and painful. She was my soulmate, although I've had many cats in my life, she was The One. Sometimes I think I'll never stop crying over her and never stop feeling the pain of her loss. I've never been this devastated at the loss of any human. Your soulmate doesn't always need to be of the same species. I called her and her sister my baby girls from day one until they left me. Snuff died in her sleep 9 years ago but Snug had to be put to sleep by a vet. All her organs were going and she was in pain, but I stayed with her right up to the last moment of her life. I promised her that and at the very end, although she'd gone blind and couldn't see me, she could hear me, feel me stroking her fur and she could smell my scent and, right up until she fell asleep, she was purring, I hope because she had her human mummy-cat there with her. I hope she's found happiness and peace now but my heart is still breaking. I know that one day the extreme pain will fade and I'll have nothing but the wonderful memories of my beautiful baby cat with me always - but I'll still shed some tears for her for ever. She gave me 19 years of unconditional love. Nobody can ever forget that. Thank you, Cat's Protection, for giving my baby girls a home when they were ill and only babies and making them well for me to take them home and love. A precious gift indeed.

by Hazel Green

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