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In memory of Jasmine

Jasmine always was and always will be my little kitty. She barely grew out of kitten awkwardness and was always smaller than any other full-sized cat I have known. In the mornings if I wasn't up yet and she was hungry she would sit patiently at the head of the bed, a few inches from my shoulder and just reach out her paw, *Nudge Nudge* and then she would look at me as if asking "Are you up yet?" If I didn't respond she would wait somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes and try again (the exact timing uncertain as I was trying to pretend to be asleep). As a kitten I would pick her up and she would crawl along my arm until she was perched on my shoulder, and then she would settle down and enjoy the ride. As she got older she would take it upon herself to get to her favorite perch and climb up my leg and shirt to get there. I will never forget you. Good night my sweet little angel, my little kitty, my Jasmine. Good Night.

by Norman Brumm

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