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01 October 2020

This offer is still running as long as vets are able to undertake the work during the pandemic

As well as rehoming cats, Cats Protection also encourages the neutering of cats. We can help with the cost of neutering and are currently running a £5 campaign. You will pay £5, we will cover the rest through money that we raise. To qualify, you need to live in the Moray area and use a Moray vet. For more information call us on 07837 342 646 (please leave a message), pm us on Facebook leaving your phone number and email address or email us on enquiries@moray.cats.org.uk 

Microchipping is included in the above offer for free. 

Neutering a cat has many benefits:

  • Male cats are less likely to roam and less likely to fight which can cause painful wounds and abscesses or transmit diseases such as FIV or FeLV both of which can be fatal and will lead to the need for veterinary care.

  • They are less likely to display territorial behaviour such as spraying.

  • Female cats are not going to come into season and call and wail to attract males.

  • They cannot get pregnant and have unwanted litters of kittens.

Can we also dispel a couple of ‘urban myths’ that seem to be prevalent.

1. It is NOT beneficial for a female cat to have ‘just one litter’ before being spayed.

2. Cats WILL breed with their brothers and sisters

So please, please, please get your cat neutered.

Microchipping will help find your cat should he/she ever get lost.  


We will get back to you as soon as we can but please bear in mind, we are all volunteers busy with jobs and families so can’t always respond immediately.