To spay or not to spay: some facts

To spay or not to spay, that is the question.

So here are some facts:

- Don’t let your kitten have kittens - Kittens become sexually mature at just 4 months old meaning that your kitten could have kittens. We recommend that your pet cat is neutered at four months of age or younger.

- A female cat can be responsible for up to 20,000 dependants within just 5 years. She can quite easily have up to three litters a year with five or six kittens in each. This level of breeding is very draining and can be harmful for the mother cat, see Lily’s sad story for further information

- The length of pregnancy in cats is just nine weeks and a female cat can often come into season again just six weeks after giving birth. This means she could become pregnant whilst nursing her current litter of kittens.

- Cats are not selective in their choice of mate and will readily breed with their brothers, sisters and parents resulting in inbreeding.  

- A Queen will be very attractive to unneutered male tom cats which can detect her scent from several miles away and will make great efforts to reach her. This often ends in the cat straying a long way from home and can result in them going missing.

- It is not beneficial for a cat to have a season or “just one litter” before being spayed. Contrary to popular belief, there are no health or welfare benefits in allowing a cat to have a litter of kittens before she is neutered. Providing appropriate care and be costly and time-consuming.

- In spite of CP assisting the neutering of over 175,000 cats in the UK each year, there are still thousands of unwanted cats and kittens in animal charities up and down the country needing loving new homes.