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5th April 2022

2022 Annual General Meeting

We were planning to hold the AGM on Friday 17 June at 10am, however the date has now been changed to Friday 29 July at 10am.

This year’s AGM will be a virtual event, and you can register to attend the AGM via the button below.  


At the AGM members of CP will be asked to vote on a proposed alteration to the Rules in respect of the number of Trustees on the Board.

At present, the Rules limit the number of Trustees on the Board to at least four but no more than nine.

From a good governance point of view, the Trustees need to be able to review the size and composition of the Board from time to time to make sure that: the Board has the right mix of skills; that there are sufficient Trustees to carry out the Charity’s work; and to manage changes to the composition of the Board without too much disruption.

As the Charity has grown, the demands on Trustee time, both on the Board and on sub-committees, have increased since the current limit of nine Trustees was set and a Board of at least five but no more than twelve trustees is currently considered good practice.

In order to enable the Trustees to determine the size of the Board and, if appropriate, to appoint more Trustees, as and when required, it is proposed that the Rules be altered to remove the current limit of nine Trustees from the Rules and to provide that the size and composition of the Board shall be determined by the Board in accordance with the Articles of Association of Cats Protection Trustee limited  (CPTL), the corporate trustee of Cats Protection.  

For further information about this year’s AGM, please email or phone 01825 741923.

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