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25th March 2020

Leading animal organisations and charities have joined together to support both pets and their owners through the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

United as part of the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG), the coalition is made up of some of the most prominent animal organisations in the UK – including Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, Battersea and RSPCA.

Their aim is to provide pet owners with clear and accurate advice on how to look after their pet in the current climate as well as offering top tips on how to stay safe as an owner. To spread their messages far and wide, they’ve created a colourful set of visual guides on what to do if you’re self-isolating, practising social distancing or just looking out for yourself and your furry friend.

Chris Laurence, chair of the Canine and Feline Sector Group, said: “We are concerned that rapidly changing and conflicting information was leaving pet owners confused and worried. Those of us who work with animals are concerned that this information could leave animals at risk, as pets could end up abandoned by anxious families unsure if they pose a risk or how they can care for them in isolation.”

He added: “We have come together to reassure people that there is no evidence that pets can get sick from coronavirus so not to panic or worry. We have also written some clear and simple tips about how to continue to care for them through this crisis.”

To find out more, visit the CFSG website.

You can find Cats Protection’s advice on coronavirus at

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