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28th June 2018

We have published some useful advice to cat owners who are worried about being caught up in the wildfires on Saddleworth Moor.

Due to the fire’s ferocity and scale, many nearby villages have been affected and anyone who has a cat is advised to do the following:

  • Try to keep your cat indoors. If you can’t find your cat and you are concerned, the first thing to do is to check your home and garden, if it is safe to do so. Your cat might be hiding in the unlikeliest of places - from cupboards to sheds. Speak to your neighbours as well as any delivery people - they might have seen your cat somewhere
  • Ensure microchip details are up to date with your microchip company so that if they do go missing a scan will provide the cat owner’s contact details
  • Keep a list of useful phone numbers pinned to a board in your kitchen that you can take with you. Cats Protection’s website has a useful checklist - click here
  • Ensure you have a cat basket to hand, along with some food, favourite toy and blanket should you be asked to evacuate
  • .Ask family or friends if they could look after your pet for the duration of your evacuation

Mark Beazley, Cats Protection’s Director of Operations, said: “We understand how worried those affected by the wildfires must be. Our Contact Centre is here to offer help and advice for anyone who may be worried and want to discuss their cat’s safety. We would urge anyone concerned to call Cats Protection on 03000 12 12 12.”

Further advice can be found on our Help and Advice section

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