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12th January 2018

We’re urging the UK’s cat lovers to join a call on the Westminster Government to introduce air gun licensing in England and Wales.

The Government is currently holding a public consultation into air weapon regulation, including licensing, due to close on 6 February 2018. With statistics indicating that three cats are killed or injured by an air gun each week, there is no better time to join the campaign.

Victims of air gun shootings include Macy, a black and white cat who was shot in the eye last summer. Found in a neighbouring garden, she was taken to her local surgery. Sadly, her eye was completely destroyed and needed to be removed. Thankfully, she recovered but now has to live with her injury.

"Attacks like the one on Macy cause immense pain and suffering to cats as well as anguish for their owners and fear in their local communities for the safety of people and pets", says Jacqui Cuff, Cats Protection’s Head of Advocacy and Government Relations.

"Last year over 90,000 people signed an online and paper petition calling for the licensing of air guns in England and Wales, showing the depth of public feeling on the issue. Our hope is that as many people as possible email the Government in support of air gun licensing so that we can make the whole of the UK a safer place for cats, animals and human beings."

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