Cats and Allergies

We hear so many people telling us they need to give up their cat because someone is allergic to them so this is a very heartwarming story which we wanted to share.

Puss Cat turned up as a stray in Eye in very poor condition. Her (now) owner was very concerned but also very allergic to cats and contacted us. We had no space at the time to take her in so she stayed in their shed whilst having treatment from the vets.

Gradually as she healed Karen became very fond of her and she crept into the kitchen where she lived in the corner behind a perspex sheet. Karen kept a special fleece which she wore only to give Puss Cat some fuss to prevent her fur spreading.

Over time access was increased and Puss Cat was gradually given her own fleece in each room and has quickly learnt that these are the only places she can lie. She also has a cat bed which she loves and contains her fur well.

At Christmas Karen and family officially adopted Puss Cat and this lovely story shows that with time and patience and a deal of commonsense even people with severe allergies can enjoy the love and affection of a cat and the joys that pet ownership brings.

We love happy endings