Fostering - it takes all sorts!

Would you like a cat or kitten but not on a permanent basis? Ever thought about fostering a cat or kittens for Cats Protection? Our fosterers come in all shapes and sizes and foster for many different reasons.

Our most experienced fosterers have cared for hundreds of unwanted and abandoned cats from a few days old to the very elderly.  Our fosterers look after cats and kittens on a temporary basis in their own homes. Their circumstances mean they don't want, or may not be able to take in, a permanent resident of their own. Short term fostering is the ideal solution for others who are worried they will become too attached and end up adopting!

Most cats and kittens that come to us are strays or have been abandoned. They are often unwell and fosterers should feel confident of being able to care for a poorly cat or kitten and able to decide when they need to visit the vet.

Cats Protection will provide all the food, litter and equipment you need and pay the vets bills.

We are always looking for long and short term foster homes or cats and kittens. If you think fostering might be for you call our advice line on 0345 371 2750, we’d be happy to hear from you.