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Looking for a cat sitter to look after your pet while you're away? Receive a discount on your annual membership plan with our TrustedHousesitters discount code - you'll help Cats Protection too.

Filled with their favourite smells, scratching posts and snoozing spots, home is every cat’s happy place. That’s why Cats Protection has partnered with TrustedHousesitters, the caring community connecting travelling owners with verified sitters who never charge to keep cats safe and happy at home.

How does it work? Watch Martin and Jenny’s story to find out.

Ready to meet fellow feline lovers exchanging free home and pet care for the chance to stay with cats?

Join TrustedHousesitters today using Cats Protection’s special discount code CATSPROTECTION39 and get an exclusive £39 off your membership so you can enjoy a year of unlimited pet care for just £50. That is a whole year of purring cats and peace of mind whenever you're away. Hurry though as the offer ends on 7 July.

You will also be supporting Cats Protection too, as TrustedHousesitters will make a donation to Cats Protection for every new membership using this code too!

Cat owners: Why you’ll love your TrustedHousesitters owner membership

  • Pay once a year for unlimited pet care from cat-loving sitters who don’t charge
  • Know your cat is safe at home with a like-minded pet lover
  • You and your cat’s sitter can call a free 24/7 vet advice line, day or night
  • Get help and advice anytime, anywhere, from your 24-hour Membership Services team
  • Connect and keep in touch with sitters using an award-winning app

“I can honestly say this website has changed my life for the better; I wondered if my husband and I would ever be able to travel again after taking on two beautiful cats that needed a home. All the sitters we've had have been absolutely fantastic.” Mary Beth, cat owner

Want to let your love of cats take you to new places, near or far away? You can use Cats Protection’s discount code to save on a sitter membership plan too.

Cat lovers: Why you’ll love your TrustedHousesitters sitter membership

  • Pay once a year to unlock thousands of sits in over 130 countries
  • Stay in unique places for free by caring for cats and other adorable animals
  • Get unlimited access to veterinary expertise with a free 24/7 Vet Advice Line
  • Know your 24-hour Membership Services team is always at hand to help
  • Take every step of your TrustedHousesitters journey on an easy-to-use app

“I have met some amazing people, stayed in fantastic properties but most importantly spent time with gorgeous pets. Can honestly say my life has changed over the last few years.” Lara, cat sitter

To join TrustedHousesitters and claim your limited time offer of membership for just £50, just click the button below and apply code CATSPROTECTION39 at the checkout. Hurry - your offer ends on 7 July!

You will also be supporting Cats Protection too, as TrustedHousesitters will donate 20% of the full membership fee to Cats Protection for every new membership bought using this code.

TrustedHousesitters also donates £1,500 to Cats Protection

A big thank you to our friends at TrustedHousesitters who have also kindly made a £1,500 donation to support our work.

This donation of £1,500 will help us feed 7,500 cats in our care for a day, which is a lot of food! Cats Protection has thousands of cats in its care at any one time with many more needing the charity's help so this donation is vital to help us with our work caring for cats across the UK.

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