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Ever wondered why your cat bites you at playtime? Do you sometimes struggle with your cat spraying in the house? Are you being woken up by your cat meowing at night?

Our behaviour email series has been designed to answer the most common cat behaviour questions. In these emails you’ll find helpful videos on behalf of our resident cat behaviour expert, Nicky and her adorable animated feline sidekick, Beryl. There are also lots of tips and links to help you towards understanding your cat better.

The full email series contains information on:

  • hiding
  • scratching
  • night-time waking
  • litter trays and toileting
  • inappropriate play
  • eating
  • drinking
  • body language
  • social groups (cats fighting)
  • territorial marking (including spraying)

We hope you find our emails and videos useful and encouraging. Cats can seem a bit mysterious to us at times, but there’s usually a very good reason for everything they do and we hope we can help you understand your cat that little bit better.

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