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Ferndown homing centre Spring Appeal

Moggies have long been getting a bad reputation. Online searches and even the dictionary define these non-pedigree cats as ‘unremarkable’. But we know this simply isn’t true.

Whether they’re a knowledgeable kitty, timid tabby, friendly feline, serial sleeper or a playful puss; each is full of purrsonality and has lots of love to give. They're more than ‘just a moggy’.

Cats becoming stray is the most common reason our care is needed and worryingly, the number of vulnerable moggies needing our help is rising.

Without the generosity and kindness of the Ferndown homing centre community, stray moggies would be lacking the support and safety that they often so desperately need.

Could you help stray moggies in Ferndown homing centre?

A gift from you can help stray moggies find a furever home as mognificent as they are. Each donation made goes directly towards helping cats in Ferndown homing centre reach their happily ever after.

Give to help cats like Al

Hungry, neglected and terrified, poor Al was a stray found on the streets of Greater Manchester, in desperate need of safety. He was curled up in a shop alleyway in a terrible state; starving, afraid and weak. Severely underweight, Al had lost most of his teeth and had trouble breathing too, likely the symptom of unmanaged cat flu.  

Despite the streets taking its toll on Al, he was such a little fighter. With lots of love, care, and patience, this beautiful boy was able to recover with growing confidence. Understandably, he could be a bit nervous around people he didn’t know and was always so gentle. 

Today, he’s bouncier than ever. Quick to chase ribbons, seek out the warmest lap and even munch on his favourite food with gusto – despite only having four teeth!

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