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Remembering Cats Protection in your Will can genuinely make a huge difference to the lives of unwanted cats

Anyone can leave a gift in their Will, no matter how large or small. Every single donation will help to care and find new homes for unwanted cats and kittens across the UK.

Without your generosity and the support we receive from gifts in Wills, we simply wouldn’t be able to carry out much of our day to day work. Making a Will is vital in ensuring that your property and possessions will go to the people and causes that you care about after your death.

The information we provide is designed to help you in the process but it is always advised that you get in touch with a legal representative when making or updating your Will.

"I’ve chosen to remember Cats Protection in my Will because, thanks to them, I’ve adopted the most adorable cat in need of a home. She has given me her trust, hours of fun and unconditional love. I want to continue to support the work of this amazing charity."


"I have left a donation to Cats Protection in my Will as I am an animal person and my passion is cats. Where would we be without Cats Protection who rescue thousands of cats every year. You do such a worthwhile job."


"The world of cats is very close to my heart, they are my favourite animal. All over the country, Cats Protection do a magnificent job for cats and kittens, so it’s my great pleasure to remember Cats Protection in my Will."


"When our first cat had to be put to sleep, we decided to visit the Cats Protection shelter at Dalbury Lees, Derbyshire. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

The loving and expert care given to each and every cat, largely by volunteer staff, is humbling and heart-warming and the cats who came into our lives as a result of their work have given us love and affection beyond price.

Therefore, in the hope that their work on behalf of all cats, especially the sick and elderly will go from strength to strength, Cats Protection will receive a legacy from us, with our grateful thanks, when we shuffle off the Earth."

Annette and Andy

Suggested wordings

If you would like to remember Cats Protection in your Will but are not entirely sure of the best way of doing this, you may find this document useful as it contains explanations of the most common ways of leaving a gift and some suggested wordings that may help your solicitor in drawing up your Will.

Gifts in wills suggested wording


If you have already made a will but would like to add in a gift to Cats Protection, you can do this with a codicil form. This simple form allows you to amend or add to your will without having to write a new one. It needs to be signed in the presence of two witnesses – these witnesses cannot be a beneficiary of your Will or codicil, or their spouse or civil partner.

You will find full instructions at the top of the downloadable form. We do recommend that you seek advice from a legal professional when using a codicil as it affects the contents of your Will.

Download Codicil

Free wills writing

The National Free Wills Network and The Goodwill Partnership are free Will-writing services offered to supporters of Cats Protection. To find out more, please visit our free Will-writing service page.

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