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When you donate to Cats Protection, you’re becoming a part of a nationwide commitment to helping the thousands of cats and kittens in the charity’s care, supporting over 250 volunteer-run branches and 36 centres across the UK

The cats and kittens in our care rely on donations from supporters and every penny counts.

We wouldn’t be able to do our amazing work without your generous donations and our team of over 10,000 volunteers, who dedicate their time and skills to helping the nation’s abandoned, unwanted or poorly cats and kittens.

The Cats Protection mission hasn’t changed in 90 years. Since the charity began in 1927, the aims have been clear, and the dedication and commitment of the volunteers and staff never wavers. We are dedicated to the creation of a world where every single cat and kitten is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs – and with your help, we believe it can be achieved.

Here’s just a few ways your donations have helped the UK’s cats and kittens in our care in the last 12 months

In 2018, Cats Protection supporters helped 184,000 cats and kittens – that’s around 500 cats and kittens every day. There are thousands of cats of all ages in the care of Cats Protection at any time and many more that need the charity’s help.

With your donations, Cats Protection is able to provide a wide range of services, financial support and on-the-ground cat care, in addition to speaking up for cats, raising awareness across the UK and implementing support initiatives for vulnerable cat-lovers, such as Cat Guardians.

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Cats and kittens come to Cats Protection every year for many different reasons and we always do whatever we can to help. Not all cats are abandoned and in 2018 we helped reunite 3,000 lost cats with their relieved owners, in addition to finding new forever homes for an incredible 41,000 cats and kittens.

Visit the adopt-a-cat page today.

Cats Protection neutering programme

The Cats Protection neutering programme is the largest single-species initiative of its kind in the world – we’re proud of the neutering programme, which helps to reduce the number of abandoned, feral or unwanted cats across the UK dramatically every year.

In 2018, the Cats Protection neutering programme helped neuter 143,000 cats. Through our Trap, Neuter and Return scheme, a pawsome 19,000 feral cats were helped with neutering – it wouldn’t be possible without your kindness and support.

More about the Cats Protection neutering programme

Raising awareness through education

Our educational cat talks are aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of cats’ needs. Last year, volunteer speakers reached 52,343 cat lovers across the country, delivering 1,693 talks to both adults and children at dedicated events.

The Cats Protection website offers an extensive range of cat care information which seeks to provide the best possible advice, cat care tips, what to do in an emergency and some insights into cat behaviour. Our aim is to provide resources to help owners understand the needs of their cats, so that both cat and owner can get the most out of the relationship.

Sometimes, just making small changes in routine or behaviour can make a big difference and help to reduce the number of unwanted cats. We’re dedicated to this too and couldn’t do it without you!

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Speaking up for cats and kittens

The Cats Protection Advocacy & Government Relations team, driven by cat welfare issues, works closely with decision-makers and politicians to make the world a better place for cats. In 2017, the team created a petition and lobbied parliament for changes to air gun licensing legislation. Last year, the team has been involved in an initiative to encourage UK landlords to accept tenants with cats and tackled issues such as online sales of cats and kittens and raising awareness about the toxicity of lilies to cats.

Learn more about the Advocacy & Government Relations team .

How we reach our supporters

In 2018 the total number of visits to our branch, centre and national Cats Protection websites was an amazing 4.4 million – rising by 16% overall from the previous year. We’re so proud to expand our reach and plan even more improvements to our website over 2019.

The Find-a-Cat section of our website proved as popular as ever last year. Find-a-Cat gives the option of searching the entire database of all our cats and kittens ready for new forever homes or filtering the search area by postcode to find details of cats waiting near you.

Visit the Find-a-Cat section here .

The number of Cats Protection charity shops now open has grown to an impressive 124 shops across the UK. The charity shops are always well supported by the local communities and most are largely volunteer-run on a rota basis.

Find your local Cats Protection shop here.

Through digital and social media, we’ve reached an amazingly large audience. We now have more than 105,000 Twitter followers and over half a million Facebook likes!

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Cats Protection works tirelessly to make sure the supporter donations relied on so much by the cats and kittens in our care really count. Your continuing and generous support makes a huge difference – thank you so much.

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