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Our Craft for Cats kits are supplied by The Makerss who are passionate about the environment, nature and animal welfare.

The Makerss have provided the following information about their values.

Wool and animal products

Where possible, we source our wool from the UK and mainland Europe from GOTS-certified suppliers. This means that the supply chain must meet an organic standard and comply with European animal welfare laws. No animals are killed to produce the wool we use, and none of our suppliers have mulesed their sheep. We buy from mainland Europe to allow our customers to have a broader range than just UK options, but animal welfare is still at the heart of what we do. We are unable to offer a vegan alternative to wool as plant-based fibres are much less suitable for needle felting (although they can be mixed into wool to enable them to felt) and synthetic man-made fibres have a considerably greater impact on the environment. 

Environmentally friendly

We are always looking for alternatives to single-use plastic, and we always recycle and reuse where it cannot be avoided. Any plastic in our packaging has mostly been replaced with recyclable Kraft cardboard boxes and glassine/paper bags, and we are currently phasing in plastic-free, compostable bags that are made from wood pulp too! We have also worked with a British supplier to create alternatives to foam felting mats too - the Eco Wool Mats in our kits are made from recycled wool and are 100% compostable!


We endeavour to support local and small businesses wherever we can and products such as our Ryeland wool slivers, hand-dyed Teeswater curls and Fluff Grip, to name a few, come from these suppliers. We acknowledge that some of our products are sourced from mainland Europe and places further afield, such as the United States and Asia. We do this only where there is no UK-made alternative available or where it allows us a broader choice of wool colours and fibres (which of course are all GOTS-certified). We also order supplies in large batches and/or full pallets, so no journey is wasteful, and our wool from mainland Europe is shipped to us via road, rather than by air, therefore leaving a smaller carbon footprint. 

Health and safety

Our products are not intended to be used as animal or human toys and contain animal wool. All children handling our products must be supervised by an adult at all times and we recommend that they are suitable for those aged 10 years and above.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at or call us on 01825 741 960.

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